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Broken Neck: Halo Days

In Life's Challengesby Steve

Reminiscing on my days in a Halo – 13th December 2014 to 27th March 2015

Fail and Fail Big!!

No matter what you do, if you dream big and aim high then guaranteed you will occasionally fail. But don’t fear failure. Instead embrace failure as an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to improve. Pick yourself up and aim for even greater heights. One day your failures will be a distant memory and you’ll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.

I spent 4 months in this Halo Brace after breaking my neck in the surf at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia. It was a hideous contraption more resembling a medieval torture device than a modern medicine aid, but it did the job. I can look back at this now with a wry smile. I wouldn’t say that everything I did whilst in the Halo was endorsed by the doctors:)

I am indebted to David Field and Gary and Lara Mateir, the first responders who helped me on that morning and to my sister, Tanya who helped me the entire way through my recovery. You’re a legend Sis.