Halo removal

Broken Neck: Halo Removal

In Life's Challengesby Steve

Video from 27th March 2015

After 4 months of torture, the halo finally came came off!

On 13th December 2014, I suffered a freak accident while swimming in the surf at Cottesloe beach, Western Australia. Partially paralysed I was rushed to hospital under full spinal precaution.

At hospital, my worst fears were confirmed. I had sustained a critical spinal injury, a broken  neck.

The doctors diagnosis read; multiple unstable fractures to the C2, C3 & C7 vertebra, contorted spinal cord, ruptured disc, dissected arterial artery, torn ligaments…. the list went on. I was lucky to be alive.

After an extended period immobilised in a hospital bed, I was place in a Halo brace. Or what I called a medieval torture device, which I had to wear for 4 months.

This was the day of nervous excitement when the Halo finally came off.