Practice Run No.2: Made it to Huaraz

In Practice Run No.2by Steve

Just a Touch of Jet Lag

Well….. that was a mission and a half. 11hrs from Perth to Dubai, 3.5hr layover in Dubai, 14.5hrs from Dubai to Sao Paulo, 3hr layover in Sao Paulo, 5.5hrs from Sao Paulo to Lima, met driver in Lima and drove 7hrs through the night, arriving in Huaraz at 0530 this morning. Rest day in Huaraz today. The next couple of days I’ll be based in town doing acclimatisation day hikes from here before heading out to start the climbs proper.

Attached is a photo from the hotel balcony. Wouldn’t be a bad view, if it wasn’t for all the construction in the foreground, although as a structural engineer, I should probably appreciate the beauty of well formed steel reo spires towering into the sky.