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What’s Next?

      “What are you going to do next?” That is the most common question Steve have been asked since returning home from Project 7in4 in May 2018.

      Project 7in4 was an amazing amazing journey, however returning home for Steve has been difficult. People often talk about “post-expedition blues”. The come down and return to normality after a long expedition. It is an adjustment to fit back into society, that’s for sure. But for Steve it is something more. It’s a feeling of emptiness, a void, a lack of direction.

      For four years he had worked towards a single goal. Summiting Everest, and completing the 7 Summits, was not the euphoric moment he thought it would be. It was a solemn moment of reflection. He was left asking himself the same question everyone else has been asking him since, “what is next?”.

      Part of the reason Steve set himself the goal of climbing the 7 Summits was because he wanted to test himself physically and mentally. He wanted to see what he was truly capable of. The 7 Summits was an amazing journey, one he’ll look back on for years to come. However he didn’t feel like he was tested to his limit.

      So what is Steve going to do next? That is something he is still working on.

      If you have any ideas or adventurers planned which you think Steve may be interested in, please get in touch.

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