Practice Run No.1: Mt Aspiring, 3033m

In Practice Run No.1by Steve

Quitting Is Not An Option.

11 months ago I lay in hospital with a broken neck, staring at the ceiling, unable to get up. 11 months later I stand at the summit of Mt Aspiring New Zealand, staring at this vast beautiful landscape, feeling on top of the world. What a difference 11 months makes.

Life throws up challenges, life puts obstacles in our way. That’s a given, that’s life. But I believe that every challenge life throws at us, every obstacle life puts in our way, can be treated in one of two ways.

  • Option One – They can be treated as an excuse. An excuse to say it’s too hard, an excuse to say it’s not possible, an excuse to give up and quit. Or;
  • Option Two – They can be treated as an opportunity. An opportunity to work harder, an opportunity to strengthen your determination, an opportunity to better yourself and strive for greater heights.

Each to their own, but for me, option two sounds like much more fun, option one simply isn’t an option.

After my accident, friend’s asked me, “what have you learnt from this experience, has it has changed your view on life….”. Well, I’m not the philosophical type, over thinking things is something I’ve never been accused of, but I will admit, it has given me a knew outlook, a new appreciation for life. I used to let small things bother me (arguably still do), but at least I now know that when faced with relatively more significant challenges, I do have the resolve to knuckle down and work through it. I am not saying it’s been easy, I am not saying that every day was rosy, far from it. But what’s the saying, “life’s not meant to be easy”, ain’t that the truth. The greater the challenge, the greater the obstacle, the greater the satisfaction in overcoming it!!!

Anyway, after a week in New Zealand’s southern alps followed by a quick detour to Sydney on the way home to catch up with family and friends, it’s now straight back to Perth. Straight back to training for the next objective. Onwards and upwards! No excuses!

Life is what you make of it, so make it great!!!