Sunrise on the Aussie 10

The Aussie 10

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A Day Walk Around the 10 Highest Peaks in Australia (Plus a Few Extra)

There is something really special about the Australian Snowy Mountains. While on a family holiday at Perisher I decided to explore the region by tackling the Aussie 10, a walk taking in the ten highest points in Australia.

In researching the Aussie 10, I found there was no decisive list as to the ten highest points. Most lists I found seemed to list twelve “ten” highest peaks. So I took this same approach plus extended it to cover the Rams Head Range as well. Starting and finishing at Charlotte Pass, the total loop was approximately 55km and took about 11hrs. The list of peaks included:

  • Mount Kosciuszko (2228m)
  • Mount Townsend (2209m)
  • Mount Twynam (2196m)
  • Rams Head (2190m)
  • Unnamed peak on Etheridge Ridge (2180m)
  • Rams Head North (2177m)
  • Alice Rawson Peak (2160m)
  • Byatts Camp south-west of Abbott Peak (Mount Du Faur) (2159m)
  • Abbott Peak (2144m)
  • Carruthers Peak (2145m)
  • Tension Woods Knoll (2136m)
  • Mount Northcote (2131m)
  • Little Twynam (2131m)
  • Muellers Peak (2129m)
  • Middle Rams Head (2120m)
  • Mount Lee (2106m)
  • Mount Clarke (2101m)
  • South Rams Head (2052m)

I had my tracker active for the walk. The actual route I took can be viewed here.

Steve Plain

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