Practice Run No.3 – Load Carry to Camp 1

In Practice Run No.3by Steve

First Time to Camp 1

Today I carried a load of gear and food to Camp 1 (~5700m) and dropped back down to ABC for the night. A relatively short walk from ABC to Camp 1, but definitely feeling the altitude. Yesterday I was complaining about how bad ABC is. But it now looks like luxury compared to Camp 1. Tomorrow night is going to be very uncomfortable.

Just below Camp 1 we passed a bloke in full ultra high altitude kit. Down suit, Everest boots, supplemental oxygen, the works. What was he doing in all that gear on this mountain, and down so low? Generally that sort of get up is reserved for the 8000m peaks.  Does he know something I don’t? I hope not.

Anyway, all I can do is focus on myself, acclimatise the best I can, stay healthy and give it a solid crack come summit day.

“Go with the decision that will make for a great story”.