Practice Run No.3: What To Do Next?

In Practice Run No.3by Steve

Heading for Lobuche East, 6119m

After summiting Ama Dablam on Tuesday, well ahead of schedule, I now have a week to kill while the rest of the group are still on the mountain.


  1. Sit around BC for a week.
  2. Trek straight out, change flights and return home early.
  3. Trek straight out, return to Kathmandu and hit the pub.
  4. Go trekking around other parts of the Khumbu Valley.
  5. Find another climb to do.

Option 5 it is.

So I am now in Thukla on my way to attempt Lobuche East. This afternoon we’ll climb to high camp, rest there for the evening and push for the summit early tomorrow morning.

For those of you who have seen Todd Sampson’s “Body Hack”, you would have seen Lobuche East in his episode where he tried his hand at being a Sherpa. It is not an overly technical climb, compared to Ama Dablam at least. But at 6119m, it is not to be sneezed at.

“Go with the decision that will make for a great story”