Lhotse Summit, 8516m

Practice Run No.4: Game, Set and…….

In Practice Run No.4by Steve

After a successful summit, it’s now time for match point.

Full update to follow in a couple of days, but in short… Been up, been down, now preparing for match point.

Summited Lhotse (8516m) yesterday at 17:20. Very late in the day to be on an 8000er, many delays along the way, but worked out ok. Only spent 5min on the top then pushed down as quick as we could. Got back to Camp 4 just before 19:00 as the sun was setting then pressed on to Camp 2 arriving at 22:00. This morning got up early and made the descent back to Base Camp.

Now for match point. Tomorrow I’ll attempt to trek back to Lukla in a day, a 62km stroll down through the Khumbu valley, with Lukla then being the departure point back to Kathmandu. People talk about the heavy toll, the heavy fatigue an 8000m peak places on your body. I just want to see how much I’ve got left, plus I can’t wait for that steak and beer back in Kathmandu.

“Go with the decision that will make for a great story”.