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Kilimanjaro Update 2 of 2: Summit and Back

In 3. Kilimanjaro, Africaby Steve

A Windy Night in Kosovo Camp Tuesday night at Kosovo Camp the wind blew strong all night. In the strongest gusts my tent would lay over covering me in fabric, then pop up again when it eased off. That combined with the constant rustle of the tent flapping in the wind made it difficult to sleep. At about 23:30 I …

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Kilimanjaro Update 1 of 2: Up to High Camp

In 3. Kilimanjaro, Africa, Project 7in4by Steve

The Travel Is Harder Than The Climbing For Climb No.3, Kilimanjaro, we had to make our way from Mendoza, Argentina to Moshi, Tanzania. Just a quick hop across the Atlantic Ocean….. Right?….. Wrong! To say I had been dreading this leg is an understatement. Our itinerary read: Mendoza to Buenos Aires – Flight time 1hr 35min; Layover 5hr 35min Buenos …