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Elbrus Update 2 of 2: Summit

In 5. Elbrus, Europe, Project 7in4by Steve

Elbrus Day 5 – 13th March 2018 Waking up in the early hours this morning and having to duck outside to the outhouse, I questioned if the weather forecast had got it completely wrong. Today was our planned summit day and it was meant to be clear with light winds. It was clear, a brilliant night sky full of stars, …

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Elbrus Update 1 of 2: Acclimatisation

In 5. Elbrus, Europeby Steve

Can They Make It Any More Difficult? Given the complexities of the Russian visa application process, you could be forgiven for thinking they don’t want any visitors… Ok, so I can hear you saying, “Why weren’t you more organized and apply the visa before you started the trip, rather than leaving it till the last minute?” Well that again comes …